Hello everyone. Today we are going to see how to change the attributes of a widget without having to reload the page and that just with a click on a link or a button. In this tutorial, we will take


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The API-FOOTBALL has 4 widgets available : Livescore, Fixtures, Fixture and Standings, and for each of these widgets there are 3 themes available. But these themes may not fit your website or
We will see how to retrieve the standings of all the active competitions of the API. To get the standings we need two parameters: the league id the season We will assume that we do not know the
If you’re looking for API addressable live scores, standings, events, line-ups, player stats, pre-match odds or statistics for a range of sports API-SPORTS has a suite of APIs that cover Football,
In this tutorial we will see the most efficient way to get all the teams and players of a competition. We will do this in PHP but the logic applied can be done in any programming language. To make


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Here we will discuss the most economical ways to call the API in order to retrieve a maximum amount of information with a minimum number of calls and also avoid making unnecessary calls to the API
If you are a die-hard NBA fan then how about taking a closer look at your favorite team’s performance. With the NBA API hosted on RapidAPI, you can do that and more. The NBA API is a treasure trove
This guide will show you how to pull major and minor league football stats into Google Sheets, using the API Connector add-on for Sheets. Please note that this API is freemium, and requires a credit


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API-Football provides amazing coverage of football (soccer) teams, players, matches, predicted match results and more! You can see a complete list of all the possible endpoints in this high-level