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It is now possible to set up alerts to receive emails based on the use of our different APIs. You can set alerts between 50% and 100% of your daily quota. Once the limit you set is reached, you will


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Need more requests immediately or need to change your plan while your current subscription is not finished? It is now possible to upgrade your plans directly from the dashboard. This option is
It is now possible to protect your API-KEY by associating it with a list of IP addresses or Domains authorized to call the API. This can be very useful in Javascript applications where your API-KEY

Leagues & Teams IDs

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In order to facilitate your integrations, we have added in the dashboard for each sport, the complete list of competitions and teams available as well as the ids attached to them. They are available


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Our new dashboard is now available with a lot of new features like : Real time knowledge of your APIs usage Subscribe / Upgrade to available APIs Test APIs from the dashboard and many others


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Our new version of the dashboard is available in its full version. What happened? Complete redesign Adding Baseball and Basketball apis Redesign of the Live browser Api tester You can now manage your