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A new release has just been put online for the API-AMERICAN-FOOTBALL API. Many users have asked us to add certain data to the API, notably odds. Now odds are available for both NFL and NCAA. Now that
Hi, Here's an update to our previous article on endpoint prediction for the 2022-2023 season for some major leagues. As a reminder, endpoint prediction uses various algorithms to determine the


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A new endpoint is available in the API : players/squads. Depending on the parameters it returns either the current players of a team when the team parameter is used or the teams associated to a

New Endpoint Injuries

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The new endpoint Injuries is now available in API-FOOTBALL (V3). It allows to get the list of players who potentially will not participate in a match. The possible call parameters are : Here is an


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Maybe you don't use it yet, but our endpoint predictions allows you to get a prediction on each of the upcoming API matches. Calculations are made using 6 different algorithms, taking into account


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Great news The coachs endpoint is available, it allow you to get all the information about the coach of a team as well as to know his career. You can get this data by : - {coach_id} - {team_id} -


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Hey, We knew that many of you were expecting it so we did it! This is the new endpoint : "TopScorers" It returns you the ranking of the top 20 players in a league. How it is calculated: 1 : The


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New feature in the API. Allows you to search for a league or a team in relation to a {country} or league/team {name}. Three characters are enough to launch the search. For the moment the search is


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New feature in the API: the "Predictions" endpoint is available! He predicts: - match winner - under/over - Goals And also provides comparative statistics between teams Check the documentation :
Hi, We have just implemented a new endpoint: v2/players/fixtures/{fixture_id} It allows you to retrieve all the player statistics for a game. This endpoint is updated every 5 minutes. See our