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A new endpoint is available in the API : players/squads. Depending on the parameters it returns either the current players of a team when the team parameter is used or the teams associated to a

New Endpoint Injuries

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The new endpoint Injuries is now available in API-FOOTBALL (V3). It allows to get the list of players who potentially will not participate in a match. The possible call parameters are : Here is an


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Maybe you don't use it yet, but our endpoint predictions allows you to get a prediction on each of the upcoming API matches. Calculations are made using 6 different algorithms, taking into account


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Great news The coachs endpoint is available, it allow you to get all the information about the coach of a team as well as to know his career. You can get this data by : - {coach_id} - {team_id} -


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Hey, We knew that many of you were expecting it so we did it! This is the new endpoint : "TopScorers" It returns you the ranking of the top 20 players in a league. How it is calculated: 1 : The


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New feature in the API. Allows you to search for a league or a team in relation to a {country} or league/team {name}. Three characters are enough to launch the search. For the moment the search is


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New feature in the API: the "Predictions" endpoint is available! He predicts: - match winner - under/over - Goals And also provides comparative statistics between teams Check the documentation :
Hi, We have just implemented a new endpoint: v2/players/fixtures/{fixture_id} It allows you to retrieve all the player statistics for a game. This endpoint is updated every 5 minutes. See our


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Great news, We have integrated a lot of data on players into the players endpoint. Now you have the possibility to get the players datas by player_id, team_id and filter by season. We have also added


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We've been talking about it for a while, and now it's available. All the statistics of a match are available via this new endpoint : statistics/fixture/{fixture_id}/. Here is the list of available