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Hello soccer lovers. Today we present you a project made by one of our API-FOOTBALL users. WeIn is a business geared around everything football. They build and promote applications for the football


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The new version of API-FOOTBALL (3.9.2) is now available. The major feature is the new endpoint odds/live which as the name suggests returns the odds of the games in progress. Here is the list of all


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A new version of our widgets is available with new features Add a date selector in the Games widget Add a status selector in the Games widget Add a modal to display standings in games widget Add the
New competitions added to the API : Argentina - Reserve League Cuba - Primera Division Egypt - League Cup Finland - League Cup Finland - Ykköscup Iran - Super Cup Thailand - League


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The API-FOOTBALL has 4 widgets available : Livescore, Fixtures, Fixture and Standings, and for each of these widgets there are 3 themes available. But these themes may not fit your website or


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Here we are, the new endpoint odds/live will soon be available in Api-Football You can now ask for your access to the Beta version to test it and give us your feedback on this new endpoint. To
We will see how to retrieve the standings of all the active competitions of the API. To get the standings we need two parameters: the league id the season We will assume that we do not know the
If you’re looking for API addressable live scores, standings, events, line-ups, player stats, pre-match odds or statistics for a range of sports API-SPORTS has a suite of APIs that cover Football,
In this tutorial we will see the most efficient way to get all the teams and players of a competition. We will do this in PHP but the logic applied can be done in any programming language. To make
New competitions added to the API : Italy - Coppa Italia Serie C Italy - Coppa Italia Serie D Egypt - Second League - Group A Egypt - Second League - Group B Egypt - Second League - Group