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All the team wish you a happy holiday season and to close the year 2021 in the right way, here are two ways to get extra discounts on all our plans. This allows you to get up to 70% off when combined
In this tutorial we will see the most efficient way to get all the teams and players of a competition. We will do this in PHP but the logic applied can be done in any programming language. To make


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Need more requests immediately or need to change your plan while your current subscription is not finished? It is now possible to upgrade your plans directly from the dashboard. This option is
New competitions added to the API : Italy - Coppa Italia Serie C Italy - Coppa Italia Serie D Egypt - Second League - Group A Egypt - Second League - Group B Egypt - Second League - Group


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It's a big day ! We have added Two new apis to our collection Handball (+120 leagues and cups) Volleyball (+180 leagues and cups) These new APIs are available directly on our dashboard and also on

SSL Certificates

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Recently a large SSL certificate organization has changed its way of working and this may have affected some of you if you did not anticipate this change. If you receive an error such as "SSL
Europe - Eurocup Europe - BIBL Europe - Baltic League Europe - EuroBasket Europe - ABA League Europe - EuroChallenge Europe - Alpe Adria Cup Europe - FIBA Europe Cup Europe - Champions League Europe

API-FOOTBALL - 8 New competitions

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New competitions added to the API : Australia - FFA Cup England - Premier League Cup Mexico - Liga Premier Serie B Spain - Segunda División RFEF Thailand - Thai Champions Cup World - Olympics Women


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Did you know that there is a Wordpress plugin that you can use with our API? It allows you to create a website with all the results of your favorite competitions in a few clicks. This plugin has not
New competitions added to the API : Costa-Rica - Supercopa Crimea - Premier League Denmark - 3. Division Italy - Coppa Italia Serie C Jordan - Cup Mexico - U20 League Pakistan - Premier