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Hello soccer lovers.

Today we present you a project made by one of our API-FOOTBALL users.

WeIn is a business geared around everything football. They build and promote applications for the football world. Get Live Scores & News, Play Games, and Grow Your Soccer Business!

WeIn is a football-first company built by passionate football lovers and players. Their goal is to elevate the game we all love through complimentary apps and services.

Football first, no compromises, ifs, or buts. all their apps are geared around the essential needs of soccer lovers and businesses.

their apps allow for global access 365 days a year let them be your trusted partner into soccer content and more.

With WeIn games gain the ability to win trips, prizes, and access to in-person football games both in the champions league and world cup.

The WeIn ecosystem is all-inclusive for lovers of football the world over. They built these apps with the goal of providing solutions for football lovers and football service providers, from academies, trainers, and merchandisers.

Making use of their expertise in both sport and technologies they have put together best-in-class software applications for those looking to make the most of both sportive knowledge and Football service interactions.

WeIn was developed through collaborating with top soccer coaches and players the world over. Know that investing in a WeIn product is investing in your footballing future.

WeIn Special events present opportunities around the most special of football tournaments

The Special Event segment of their software offering is one that encompasses the biggest competitions within the footballing sporting world; The World Cup, and The Champions League.

Go-Win (Game platform) :

GO-WIN is a subsidiary of WeIn a leading entertainment company within the soccer segment of mobile applications. They offer fun games with prizes and offers for user enjoyment worldwide.

Play to win access to the biggest sporting celebration held every four years, the World Cup! They are offering tickets, hotel stays, and other comprehensive prizes for leaderboard winners of IN: For Qatar 2022!

Win access to Champions League Final Games between your favorite teams! In: For the c1 has prizes revolving around access to the premier footballing competition in the world, The champions league !"

If you want to know more, here are their websites:

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