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We're excited to announce a major expansion of our Basketball API. In response to your feedback and requests, we've added detailed player and team statistics to provide even deeper insights into the game you love.

Now, with our expanded API, you'll have access to new endpoints, including:

  1. Team statistics: Explore detailed information about your favorite teams, including performance metrics such as points scored, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, and much more. Whether you're analyzing a single game or tracking season-long trends..
  2. Player statistics: Explore the performance of individual players with our player statistics endpoints. From scoring prowess to defensive skills, you'll find a wealth of data on each player's contributions to their team's success. Track player efficiency, shooting percentages, turnovers, and more to comprehensively understand their impact on the court.

These new endpoints are available exclusively in the beta release of our Basketball API. To get started and gain access to these features, simply contact our support team via the chat in our dashboard.