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Two new MMA and AFL APIs are now online! These APIs give you access to real-time data on the Australian Football League (AFL) and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Whether you're a developer seeking to create innovative sports applications or an enthusiastic fan wanting to learn more about these sports, the API-AFL and API-MMA are specifically designed to meet your needs.

Let's explore the features of these new APIs and how you can use them.

API-AFL: Explore the Australian Football League

Introducing the AFL, Australia's football league, known for its exciting games and devoted fans. Now, we're glad to announce the debut of our new API, which is designed to meet the demands of all of our clients. Explore the world of Australian football with ease. Keep up with live matches and explore upcoming events effortlessly. Access our essential features to stay informed and engaged.

Key Endpoints:

  1. Live Games: The "Live Games" endpoint enables you to follow AFL matches in real-time, with updates on scores, competing teams, stadiums, and more.

  2. Team Statistics: Obtain detailed information about each AFL team, including player rosters, team statistics, and season performance.

  3. Player Statistics: Access individual player statistics, including goals scored, assists, possessions, and other crucial data.

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For more comprehensive information, please refer to the documentation here.

API-MMA: Dive Deep into Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

The MMA API gives you access to a large source of information on fighters, events and champions from all over the world. Explore detailed fighter profiles and discover their stats and fight histories for a better understanding of their backgrounds and performances. View past and upcoming events.

Key Endpoints:

  1. Fighter Information: Get comprehensive details about MMA fighters, including their names, nicknames, statistics, and fight records.

  2. Upcoming Events: Stay informed about upcoming MMA events, with information on venues, dates, and scheduled fights.

  3. Fight Results: Access results of past fights, including winners, losers, victory methods, and other relevant data.

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For extensive details, you can find the documentation here.

These two APIs, API-AFL and API-MMA, offer exciting opportunities for sports enthusiasts, developers, and statistics aficionados. Whether you want to track real-time AFL matches or explore the world of mixed martial arts in-depth, these APIs grant you access to valuable data.