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A new release has just been put online for the API-AMERICAN-FOOTBALL API.

Many users have asked us to add certain data to the API, notably odds. Now odds are available for both NFL and NCAA.

Now that this is available, we have updated the documentation (available here) by adding the new endpoints that will allow you to retrieve this data.

In short, you have the endpoint odds which will return all the available odds for a game, and there is also the possibility of adding optional parameters such as bookmaker and bet, which will allow you to filter the results as you wish.

Odds will be available from 1 to 14 days before the game and we will keep a 7-day history.

You also have the endpoints :

  • odds/bookmakers
  • odds/bets

which respectively return the list of bookmakers or bets available in the API and can be used as parameters for the odds endpoint.

To conclude, here is the new API architecture

enter image description here