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Need more requests immediately or need to change your plan while your current subscription is not finished?

It is now possible to upgrade your plans directly from the dashboard.

This option is available on your profile page and you just have to click on the plan you want to upgrade.

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It is also possible to access it via the classic subscription page.

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Once on the upgrade page you just have to choose the plan you want to upgrade and to proceed to the payment by clicking on the Paypal button.

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By upgrading to another plan, only the plan and the number of requests per day will be updated, the end date of your subscription will remain the same. You only pay the price difference between the two plans minus what you already used on the old plan.

The plan upgrades take into account the discounts obtained during your subscription and the same discount is applied when calculating the price.

Plan upgrades are final and it is not possible to downgrade to a smaller plan.

Feel free to contact our chat support if you have any questions.